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About Us

SUBSPACE works to engage the Tucson community by providing accessible exposure to emerging local artists through collaboration, exhibition, and education.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did SUBSPACE originate? Very long story extremely short, Subspace started as two artists with a simple desire for an affordable place to make art outside of their cramped and distracting living arrangements. Finding a large space to rent, they got to work finding other artists to co-op and help renovate the extremely underdeveloped basement of the Steinfeld Warehouse.

Is SUBSPACE wheelchair accessible? Yes! We now have a ramp coming in through the Perry Ave. entrance. We are still working towards full ADA compliance, but hope to soon be able to meet all requirements. 

How many members are there? This number varies from 8 to 14.

How do I become a member? Start by renting a studio space! To get started, fill out the application in the "rent a studio" tab. After that, you can become a member by being active in the community and in our meetings. 

How Can I get involved without renting a studio space?  If you’re an artist looking to get involved in that way, we exhibit artwork from the community through our gallery often. We also frequently have vendors (people selling their art- including stickers, clothing, prints, jewelry, and more) in the space. Additionally, we could always use a hand with events, volunteers are very much welcomed and appreciated. If you’re interested in getting involved in any of these ways, feel free to reach out through the website, email, or Instagram!

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